DFS The Trench Collaboration with HAGS & The Shave Supply. Going live on 7/5/2024. Read more here!!

We have just released a new batch of our popular Deep Ellum shaving soap.  We have also released at over a dozen new bath soap scents. Get them while they're fresh!

Some of the bath soap scents include:

1. Apple Sage
2. Arboreal Loofah Bar
3. Balsamic Greens & Grapefruit
4. Cashmere Bath Bar
5. Coconut Lime Verbena
6. Coffee Break
7. Cranberry Spice
8. Daisy Dew
9. Day at the Spa
10. Night
11. Peppermint Swirl
12. Rose Quartz
13. Sparkling Pomegranate

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