In this awesome little community, it seems as though there is something new and exciting hitting the market every couple of weeks. Many times these new products are promoted through other sources than DFS. Unfortunately, there are some of us who do not have or participate on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram /etc accounts. And with more than 40 merchants in the Merchant section, it's easy for a thread to "get behind" which could reduce the number of members viewing it. So I thought this would be a good place for those of us who didn’t see the announcement in the Merchants section (or simply forgot about it) to keep informed.

Also, I think this could be helpful for the artisans who help make this such an enjoyable hobby – the more exposure, the better chance for sales

If you know of any upcoming new releases, please share with the rest of us

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BTW - Sudsy Soapery released Delor de Treget this afternoon

And Chatillon Lux / Declaration Grooming Gratiot League Square & La Quatrieme Ville soaps release tomorrow (01/16/2018)

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