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I'm looking for a recommendation of other possible razors to try that would be a little more aggressive than a Timeless 0.95 OC. This has been my favorite razor as it is very smooth shaving and reasonable close shaving. I think in general I like a heavier razor in polished stainless steel.

My 1st razor was a Rockwell 6S and in general I found it kind of rough to my face. I have recently tried a Rex Ambassador and while it is more aggressive than the Timeless I also find it a bit rough on my face.

I'm not sure it's fair to jump to the assumption based on finish, but the Timeless is highly polished where the other two are more of a satin/matte finish. I purchased a rhodium replated Fat boy recently and that is smooth on my face like the Timeless as well. If the handle was a little longer/fatter/heavier then I think I might like it more than the Timeless (eventually).

Hope my info above is helpful for some people to make some suggestions.

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Redwood City
I’d take a look at my current top razor, the blackland Blackbird. I’d also try the muhle rocca.

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CharcoalGoods Lvl3

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Posting Freak
Charcoal Goods Level 3 open-comb

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Agree with CG lvl 3 but the blackbBird OC is good too

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Blackbird would be a great addition. I have both the blackbird and timeless, and enjoy them both.

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Melfort, SK Canada
Sounds like your a Timeless Man. They are one smooth razor and they'll spoil us. Being a Canadian I'll recommend the Karve. Very smooth razor especially in the upward plates of D-F. I usually use a B and C plate.

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Living on the edge
Its weird...I could swear a timeless 0.95 feels more aggressive than a blackbird...yet blackbird shaves more efficiently.
Ive heard BB gap is 0.58 but its the generous blade exposure that achieves that result.

A truly unique razor that is a must try.

A charcoal goods stinger or magnum handle on one of their Lvl 3 heads will also give you the heft you seek

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I also would recommend CG Level 3, from Blackland I prefer the polished Dart and from Above the Tie a Polished Windsor with a H plate

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The Timeless .95 and the Blackbird are my favorites along with a Wolfman WR1 .74.

I bet you'd like the Blackbird.

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