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 I was fortunate enough to get a couple of blades to try of each version, the Platinum and the new Silver.
The company is MY-Blades.  They first came out with the Platinum version.  That blade is smooth and mild.  I found that it works best in a mid to aggressive razor and delivers an excellent shave.
This new BLADE is their second blade produced.  It is called the SILVER.  The blade is a bit thicker and harder than the Platinum.  I have found that this blade works great with mild, mid and aggressive razors.  This is strictly my opinion, but I have found it to be as sharp as the Feather and extremely smooth.  YMMV.  The price is excellent.  I am normally a one and done blade user, but I used this one 4 times and the sharpness and comfort, to me, were the same throughout.

I have no financial or personal interest in this company.  I saw the product and decided to give it a try.  I am happy I did.

The only downside is that they only come in packs of 100, no individual tucks of 5 or 10 are available.
The coating on the Silver is a proprietary coating.  I don't know and frankly don't care.  I only care if it gives me a great shave, and it did.
If you are interested, their website is www.my-blades.com
Great shaves to all.

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Too bad unavailable as singles nor tucks. Won't buy without trying
Unfortunately, individual tucks are only available with a European website.  The company has told me they are looking for a CONUS distributor.

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No tucks and pricing I think is a bit much for new product/new company... $30 /c for the Platinum? That's outrageous for a no name blade!! Even $16 /c for the Silver is a little much, maybe if they were priced in the $8-10 range...
If you are in the European market the website below sells individual tucks.

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Made in Pakistan.
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I remember reading somewhere about this company being misleading. Claiming they are German while their business address is in Hong Kong, and their crowdfunding campaign being in HKD.

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I contacted the company for clarification on their process.
The following is what I was told.
The metal is German steel. The final razor processing is done in Pakistan.
The address in Hong Kong is strictly for legal purposes.
They are NOT a Chinese company.
I hope this helps.
In my desire to share these great new blades with all, I made certain assumptions that I shouldn't have.
I had assumed that because the headquarters of this company was in Germany and the owners are German that the product was made in Germany. In reviewing my emails and my posts, that was my unfortunate assumption. The MY-Blades company never told me that they were made in Germany, nor does anything on their website indicate such. All they indicate is that they use electric furnaces and the majority of the steel is recycled material and some other specifics.

This does not change my opinion as to the excellent quality of the blades from my personal usage. YMMV, of course.

Again, I do apologize for my stupid and incorrect assumptions. It was not meant to deceive or mislead any of you.
The members of this forum have been nothing short of helpful and generous with their time and advice and it grieves me that I was so wrong.

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If the blades are made in Pakistan, they are likely to be a private brand manufactured by Treet.

Treet Platinum blades can be purchased for $8 per 100 blades. They are pretty good blades. I rated them 4 out of 5 on sharpness and 4.5 out of 5 on smoothness. Treet also makes stainless blades (non-platinum) for a similar price. Treet stills make a carbon steel blade... the Black Beauty, which is a rarity these days.

There are very few blades that cost as much as $32 per 100 blades. If you have to pay shipping on top of that, I will look elsewhere.

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