Oregon, USA
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Has anyone tried the new Occam's DE Safety razor yet? It's a new stainless steel safety razor currently priced at $50 from Classic Shaving: https://www.classicshaving.com/products/...3538471011

That is interesting as I was there just last week and even now it doesn't come up in the normal searches. It does appear to be a variation of the Maggard v3a/RR Mentor head, which is an excellent shaver. I know that Yintal was working on a brass version and so a stainless steel version would certainly make sense. That additional head with a ridge on top looks interesting although I don't know what purpose it would serve. It is hard to tell if the curve on both heads are different, which they imply when they say that the head is for a beginner. We shall see how it goes.

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