Found this great forum when looking at different razor and soap manufactors from US. I really like what is made overthere and this looks to be a great place to get the latest information as well as nice discussions.


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Hi Magnus and Welcome to DFS.

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Welcome to DFS.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Austin, TX
Hi Magnus and welcome to DFS! What are some of your favorite razors and soaps?

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My favourite razor is the ATT S2 closely followed by the S1 plate. When travelling I like to bring my Merkur 37C ( I like slants Smile ) .
Right now the soaps that I use most are BM's Le Grand Cyphre and Reef Point's Earl Grey and ginger mixed up with some different TFS'.
Currently on the lookout for a SE, preferably an OC that would be cool to test.

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Austin, TX
LGC is a great soap- I am very much enjoying Fireside too and one that I would definitely recommend if you also like rich, less floral scents.

Will at Barrister_N_Mann is incredibly knowledgeable on both the art and science behind his creations.

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Welcome to DFS, Magnus!

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Welcome to DFS, Magnus. I have had the good fortune to visit your country a couple of times. The last time was with my friend from Scotland. What struck both of us was, thank goodness, not a Starbucks to be seen but the coffee in your local coffeehouses was delicious, across the board.

Again, welcome to DFS Smile

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Welcome to DFS.

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