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Hello Gentlemen,

I am a wet shave fan living in Paris - France. I contribute to a french forum called "Rasage Traditionnel" (traditional shaving), where I share my views on a regular basis on DE / SE razors, soaps, creams, AS etc... from all over the world (well, actually, most of my things comes from the US). As far as my razors, my current rotation is made of Feather ASD2, ATT M2 OC, Blackbird (Hi Shane !) and Mongoose (I'm loving it !). I dream to get a Wolfman's some day (c'mon James...). By now, I only followed DFS forums as a spectator. I decided to subscribe because I appreciate a lot the quality of the posts, the open-mindedness and friendly spirit of the people there. If you cross a post from me, please be indulgent. My english is average. Hope I may not offend any one. Well, in other words, "excuse my french".

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Welcome to DFS; it's great to have you here. Smile

I wish my French was as good as your English! Bienvenue. Happy2

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Welcome Lacaff
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Welcome Lacaff to DFS! Happy that you plan on sharing your thoughts- I don't have extensive experience with French savons a raser but those I have used are among my favorites [MdC, Savonniere du Moulin, Pre de Provence]. Would love to learn more of other great products from France.

Welcome Lacaff! Glad to see you are here Smile. Like Kevin, some of my favorite soaps are French! I use Martin de Candre and Savonniere du Moulin regularly.

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Bienvenue. Happy
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Hi Lacaff , welcome to DFS I hope you enjoy your time here.
Marko from Canada

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Lacaff welcome!

Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff
Welcome to DFS.

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