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has anyone seen or used the new maggard badger brush? it's very simplistic and looks pretty nice, actually.

$24.95 for a 22mm 2 band knot..probably hard to beat that if the knot performs well...


pics of the brush from their site:

[Image: 6QMXKV1.jpg]
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I have one.

Used it this morning.

The brush is extremely soft. Feels like a much larger brush due to high loft.

The handle and hair in the knot are very high quality.

I didn't really love it.
I'm a face latherer. Through and through. While I did use B&M Cologne Russe today which is a soft soap, it didn't do the best job picking up soap from the tub. It wasn't the worst either.

It's most likely a very good brush for bowl lathering and creams.

It splayed a lot and was somewhat unruly. Really felt like a huge brush until I had my lather consistency where I like it and did a few painting strokes. So, like I said, bowl lathering it will probably shine.

It's denser than I thought when I test lathered it last night. Very nice hair and it held plenty of soap which it released easily during the 2nd and 3rd pass. Plenty left over if I needed it. It rinsed easily and cleanly when I was all done too.

For me, I will have to revisit it. It's not a bad brush, I just prefer a lower loft for the feel of a tighter knot.

The handle is awesome. Very ergonomic.

The brush blooms quite large. Larger than a 30mm TGN Finest brush. Looks great.

It's a great bargain for the price. Hands down the coolest thing I have seen recently. It's much nicer than the price would imply. The hair is very much like the Shavemac 2 band silvertip but not as firm feeling at the loft it's set at. It's not a gel tipped brush. The hair looks very natural and had hardly any funky smell on the first wash at all. It only let go of a few loose hairs during the test lather and one solitary hair when I was running it over a dry towel after the first use this morning.

I would recommend it.

Don't worry about it being listed as 22mm if you prefer larger knots. Because it behaves and feels like a 28mm pillow soft silvertip brush with a good amount, but less than optimal for me, amount of backbone and spring. Zero scratch or roughness feel.

If you use a lather bowl or like to shave with creams instead of hard soaps, this brush is a must buy for $25.
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Ferndale, MI
Very nice review bakerbarber!
- Jeff
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Philadelphia, PA
saves me from trying one out, bakerbarber. I'm also a 100% face latherer myself and I was worried about it being too floppy.
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