Want to put a shout out to a new soap maker in the UK. Yes there are very few.
His name is James Riley and he goes by the name Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP)

He is a member of the Shaving Room forum in the UK and UKWSS on Facebook

His soaps are getting a lot of love over in the UK. Great Performance. He is now set up for business


[img][Image: image_zpskqbt1mmw.jpeg][/img]

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Hi Miles, thanks for the heads up on this new artisan. I just checked out OSP and it looks interesting. There is no functionality on his site to ship outside of Europe, however, I did send him an email inquiring as to plans for North American delivery. I'll let you know what I hear back.

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Yes, thanks for sharing and sounds interesting but no NA shipping.

Although I would enjoy trying out, it is actually refreshing in a way that WE are limited by shipping constraint vs. our European community members Smile

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Thanks for sharing. Good to see our friends in the UK are starting to get some real local options

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FREE U.S. SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS! So, ya know...beat that.
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I have received two soaps today: neroli and grapefruit and menthol. The scents are really nice, in particular the neroli (kind of floral). I will report my impressions soon...
I did ask James before posting if he was up for International delivery and he said he was. I'm sure he will get back with any email enquiries.
He posted on the Shaving room forum that he is testing new scents that should be out hopefully before Christmas

Wow. Now I know how European people feel about shipping costs from America: £17.20 shipping for one tin of soap.

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Would love to try this, but that shipping hurts. It looks wonderful. Will have to live through someone else in until I can afford to grab a bit.

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I did get a response from James the Obsessive Soap Perfectionist - as already indicated, the shipping to USA/Canada is just over 17 Pounds which is pretty steep, however, that will cover up to 4 soaps so I'm thinking of recruiting a couple of other people I know to try to bring the shipping cost per person/soap down. I could order 4 soaps myself to bring the per soap cost down but I have learned to exercise restraint when ordering soap from a new artisan. If for whatever reason they don't appeal to me I'm only stuck with one soap I won't use rather than multiple soaps.

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tell him to join the forum..we're friendly here. Smile
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