ML, my wife, collects bottles to hold ink.  She started looking at antique ink wells but they all have/had poorly fitting lids.

She finds antique crystal perfume bottles and uses those for ink storage. We have a display cabinet filled with these.

This past weekend she purchased her first antique ink well. It has a friction fit silver plated lid. The fit is quite snug.
[Image: 4HkOBYj.jpg]

[Image: qxAHngR.jpg]

We filled it with DeAtramentis Green Apple scented ink.  It looks quite nice.
[Image: 4VC9UGz.jpg]

This ink is a test. It does not get much use. I want to see if there will be any problem with evaporation over time.

The ink well was added to the cabinet which is already more full than I ever expected.


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Really nice ink well. Follow up in a couple months to see if you are losing ink.

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That's beautiful, Phil. It looks perfect for a dip pen, for which it was probably originally intended.

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That is a gorgeous ink well.

Your wife's ink well is really neat.

I'll go looking for a well just as she did.

I have seven samples of ink that need a better well.
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