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Meet ICE CUBE 2.0! What happens when our Classic ICE Preshave Puck & CUBE get together.
Now Weighing in at 1/2 Lb at Same Great Price! Added Value, New & Improved...BOOM!

"As good as The original Cube is, Cube 2.0 one is so much better. It’s slicker, adds more volume, and has a better post shave feel. It’s the Cube on steroids." ~ Jeremy Tyler
Can you believe the CUBE is now even better?

Believe it or not, The newly re-formulated CUBE actually shares some DNA with our ultra premium CK-6 Formula! It's true, and like the original recipe, it too will add slickness, glide, silky post shave feel and a lather boost to your shave...but x10! it's also 3 ounces more weighing in at half a pound. Size Matters.

"I have to say, your "CUBE" has helped my razor burn dramatically. That thing is amazing!" ~ Bj Cundiff

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