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Austin, TX
In another thread Marko and I started talking about storage area for "stuff".

My wife and I are building a new house about 10minutes or so from where we are now and although I thought I had some pics on the phone, I didn't.

We are pretty excited as we are currently in a 2-story and the new place is one. We also built the current on a ridgeline which has great views but the back deck is about 12' off the ground and the new lot is both slightly bigger [.5 acre] as well as FLAT.

New neighborhood section is small as well with only 35 homes which will be great as our current area, although originally similar, has been overdeveloped in the 10yrs we have lived there.

Went out to the site this weekend and here it is:

Master Bath:

[Image: KdQTmhkl.jpg]

Main living, kitchen and hanging out area; starting to put ceiling in and tile:

[Image: eWUS6Zql.jpg]


[Image: Oxb5QzSl.jpg]


[Image: KHH6ClLl.jpg]

Starting with the stone exterior:

[Image: zaVlQlkl.jpg]
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Looks like you'll have ample room for storage of shaving things. ProbablySmile

Beautiful! Congratulations!
Life has a melody.

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I'm liking the stone and the wood ceiling.

Ferndale, MI
Wow! Looks awesome Kevin!
- Jeff

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Kevin, that really looks fantastic. May your wife and you have many happy years there.
Beautiful home!

Philadelphia, PA
very nice, Kevin...congrats!
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

Austin, TX
Thanks all- moving is a pain but I definitely look forward to the burgers and beers after!
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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very nice Kevin!

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