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Check it out guys! Looks promising

Positive blade exposure and a 0.76mm gap


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Port Saint Lucie
Looks great. Maybe will be released in 2020.

Northern NJ
No problem getting under the schnozola with that razor that’s for sure! Looks promising.

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Made of 17-4, OC. Looking forward to....
Better handle than N075...

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Living on the edge
Nice find SS!
Looks great....handle seems like a homage to the late great concat bob...while the WR1
resemblance is uncanny. Still, top marks for envisioning it....I would love to read some reviews if they do a
pass around.

The wolfman bar is pretty high....but this looks like a worthy contender.

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other than differentiating the product, what are the pros/cons of 17-4? Given the application, I assume material strength isn't relevant when comparing to other steel?
New razor companies seem to pop up almost weekly

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(12-14-2019, 01:24 AM)iShave Wrote: New razor companies seem to pop up almost weekly

I agree, and I'm glad since most of these new razors have been great Smile

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Looks like a low profile head which should allow it to be very maneuverable. Should be an interesting entry to the expanding market of new razors.

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Northern NJ
Posted a pic last night to FB looks like it may be a Ti offering (at least the proto).

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