Hi all,

Just chatting to a friend who told me about this site so I'd thought I'd join and see what's up!

Great to see some familiar names about, hope to enjoy having a chat about our great hobby with you all.

Brush addict

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Welcome Dipesh! You have some great products coming out of the U.K. which I enjoy very much.

Happy to see you here on DFS!

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Good to see you here buddy!

Enjoy, the site is a good place.

Hope all is well Smile
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS. It's good to have you here. Smile

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Posting Freak
Dipesh, great to see you, here! Happy

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Welcome to DFS!

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- Jeff

Charleston, South Carolina
Welcome aboard!

Eleven shaving
Welcome to DFS.

expert shaver
Port Saint Lucie
Welcome to the forum.

Los Angeles
Dipesh, welcome! Good to see you here Smile

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