Wilmo DE
I started wet shaving a few years ago but never really started to research it till recently.
Started with cheap VDH set and a few old Super Speeds.

I've now seen all the options and nuances of wet shaving and I'm really liking it all.
I also just tried using a SE razor and I like that a good bit too.
Of soaps I have about a half dozen and my tops so far are Stirling and Arko.

There are tons of choices out there and I hope to gain some info and contribute to this site.
Take care.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS. Smile

expert shaver
Enjoy the forum and thanks for joining.

Austin, TX
Welcome! I suspect that many of us started with the VdH kit- I know I did and still use the bowl to soak brushes today.

Los Angeles

Thousand Oaks, CA
Welcome to DFS!

Charleston, South Carolina
Hello and welcome!

Eleven shaving
Welcome aboard. DFS forum is a great place to learn and contribute.

I love my Stirling soaps. Still my number one soap, but man after trying soaps from all our other fine artisans it is getting hard to decide. Really want to try Paolo's Piccante.


Philadelphia, PA
welcome. I'm from the Philly area, too. Smile
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Welcome to DFS.

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