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New Greencult safety razor GC2.0

Perhaps one or the other has noticed how quiet a handful of people have become when it comes to the SotD. :-)

Well, it was because we were allowed to test the prototypes of the new Greencult VERSION 2 with 4 base plates from fairschenkt.

Now it's done :-)

New grip, great lookout, 4 plates from mild to aggressive.
Glass bead blasted finish, integrated plastic pane as scratch protection.
100% made in Austria, stainless steel 303, which comes 100% from Europe.

From today he's online :-)

Price: from 99 euros

There's a one-time sale for launch weekend to cheer up those who've been waiting! -15% with the code WIRFEIERN15


Shop: https://fairschenkt.at/shop/greencult-ra...bel-gc2-0/ 




[Image: 44481162xu.jpg]

[Image: 44481163vc.jpg]

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English enabled site?  How?  What is cost of US shipping?  Thanks.
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(10-06-2022, 04:52 AM)MountainBear Wrote: English enabled site?  How?  What is cost of US shipping?  Thanks.

It will be come on Etsy...

Shipping costs are free to the USA from 99 euros

[Image: 44481745xj.jpg]

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expert shaver
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I ordered one with the IV base plate. I got a 15% discount off their website as the V2 can't be ordered from Etsy (which is a good thing). Total was $83 includes shipping from Austria.

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I have the GC1 with both plates.
Will definitely be ordering this.
Are they compatible with v1?  Length of handle?

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(10-06-2022, 05:00 PM)MountainBear Wrote: Are they compatible with v1?  Length of handle?

The V2 handle is 88mm and appears thicker.

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IMPORTANT! Differences to the first Greencult 1.0, then the successor model 1.1 and now the new 2.0.

For those who are rarely online or don't know. There is still the Greencult 1.1, which is milder than the 1.0 and only costs 44.90 euros.

The first Greencult (until July 2022) had continuous holes in the base plate, a gap of 0.95 mm and a blade exposure of 0.25 mm and was too direct for some.

Greencult 1.1 has been available since July 2022. It has countersunk holes (no longer continuous), a gap of 0.65mm and a blade exposure of 0.1mm and is gentler.

In the test group, 4 plates were also tested before July 2022 and they agreed on the 0.65mm, as this covered the widest spectrum.

The 1.1 was also introduced in the whole shaving groups.

The Greencult 1.0 is no longer available for purchase. The 1.1 can still be purchased for 44.90 euros.


The Greencult 2.0 is a completely new safety razor with 4 different base plates.

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(10-06-2022, 05:00 PM)MountainBear Wrote: Are they compatible with v1?  Length of handle?


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Philadelphia, PA
send some to pass around on DFS? Smile

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