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Hello to everybody, I have been shaving with a double edge razor for about three years. I got into this hobby by the fact that both cartridges got too expensive and I found my late father's super speed. In the first year or so I accumulated about 25 or 30 razors, mostly double edge but a few single edge for variety. I have shaved with each and every razor I have bought and have come to the conclusion that my favorite is the Gillette Red Tip which I have three in rotation.

With few exceptions my soaps and after shaves are mostly the ones available locally such as Old Spice, Aqua Velva and Williams Soap.

I look forward to exploring more variety in blades, soaps and after shaves and will look forward to getting the benefit of the knowledge available on this forum.

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Welcome to DFS!
- Jeff

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Welcome to DFS!
Welcome to DFS! Glad to have you here Smile. Yours is a beautiful state!

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Welcome to DFS. It's great to have you here. Smile

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Welcome to DFS!
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Welcome to DFS!!! Glad to have you aboard. I too love those Red Tips. Lately I have been snatching them up on the bay and revamping them. I've been making a hobby of it.
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Welcome. Smile
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Hi Mayberryman welcome to DFS, I hope you enjoy your time here. I've got a few vintage razors of my own, 58 Fatboy, 51 Aristocrat and 3 Techs in addition to some modern DE razors. I've not been bitten by the SE bug yet but whgo knows? I'm currently on the lookout for some more vintage razors such as super speeds and the like. Probably nothing later than 1960. How did you amass such a number of razors in a relatively short time period?

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