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Hello all,

in a BAD spree I gave to my friends at V&C an assignment to make me a new brush. I have only two brushes, and both are from V&C Smile So the third one will be another V&C, I know, I'm quite monotonous.

The requirements for the new brush were the following:
  •   "American", tall style, to take inspiration from the Rubberset 400 but without the notches
  •   Made of African blackwood, I like too much the constrast between the yellow and the dark black
  •   A very good two band silvertip knot, but softer than the d01 that I already own
  •   The V&C logo engraved and not hammered on copper like they normally do
  •   Preferably a oil and wax finish, instead of transparent paint; this one is tough because the blackwood doesn't look good when oiled, the colors are muted.

They kindly asked if I was sure I wanted such an ugly brush for the toilet bowl and I insisted saying yes, so they showed me a photo of the piece of wood they had in stock:

[Image: IMG_1332.JPG]

The piece was not enough to make the full brush out of it, so they said they'd add a piece of a different wood, for the top cup, should be ebony.

Then they showed me a photo of the piece already turned, but not finished, with the different top cup:

[Image: IMG_1333.JPG]

To the left a piece of Blackwood oiled, I don't like the colors that come out with that treatment, so I decided to go for the transparent paint for the body and oil and wax for the cup.

Here's the cup already engraved:

[Image: IMG_1334.JPG]

Let's see what they come out with in the following days!

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Looks like its going to be a nice brush Marco!

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- Jeff

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I already like it! Beautiful, Marco.

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Work in progress...

[Image: 2a7c01eb0d361c0ed05b498fdec9d49ca17a4215.jpg]

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I'm not familiar with this company, but this brush looks really great. Would you mind showing your other brushes from V&C?

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This is my daily brush (cell photo, sorry):

[Image: FullSizeRender.jpg]

It has a ShaveMac D01 knot, wooden handle.

This is the kind of work they do:

[Image: 9e21b46f7f415031.jpg]

[Image: 11f6c4b21ebd3b52.JPG]

[Image: c0c30c1ba4d25056.jpg]

[Image: 573cce632682de0e.jpg]

[Image: f5c4a0c976_666x500.jpg]

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Beautiful work!
Wow, those are incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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I finally put my hands on it, here it is:

[Image: 6717f36643a4e303bc9532f4969b53456ac05572.JPG]

[Image: c51f1a586ebc2f9c5f051b32e888100ce8bcb1b8.JPG]

It is now my favorite and I will use it everyday!

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