Hondo TX USA
I just loaded a 24mm Whipped Dog Silvertip knot in my new Cowboy Classic brush. The handle is Bocote, Hickory, Silver, & Copper. It is on deck for tomorrow.

[Image: 36159052156_762a570bac_b.jpg]
[Image: 36159055346_70e2bc24b1_b.jpg]

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Beautiful brush, Hondo!

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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

That's a Texas brush right there. I love it. Bob, I think I've lost count of how many new brush threads I've seen from you over the years.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Bob, that one is a true show stopper! Use it in the best of health. Happy2

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Hondo TX USA
Thanks! Shaves great too!

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Congratulations, Bob! Happy2

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

Montgomery, New York
Just a quick question Bob. Do you face lather or bowl lather? Thanks..........Frank

Philadelphia, PA
Hondo, the brush is beautiful!

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
That's a fine looking brush! Nice woodgrain and color contrast

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