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Arizona, USA

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Just a heads up folks, ALL Our Aftershave/Colognes now come in our New 100Ml Retro Feel Glass Bottles...Our latest "homage"!

For well over a year we have been working on the design and construction of this bad boy. I really took a long hard look at some of the classic splash bottles of the past and tried my best to breathe some of that aesthetic into these.

I always new if I were to ever create a custom bottle it needed to have a glass, "built-in" flow reducer. They just look so sleek but beyond that they play an important part in the design and prevent the user from over pouring...and wasting precious cargo! Smile

I also wanted a classic bakelite cap. As most of you know, I really have a thing for bakelite and if I was going to create my own bottle from scratch, damn skippy it was going to have a bakelite cap!

The bottle also has a really nice weight and feel to it. We opted for thicker glass too I might add. My goal is to spot some of these 50 years from now in an antique shop, Meaning, I wanted something uniquely Phoenix Shaving and built to last - I think we pulled it off! Smile

No More Alum

It's true folks, I removed the Alum from all our formulas. The addition of Alum to an aftershave was one of our early innovations that really set us apart...so I will miss it...BUT, I do think our aftershave/cologne will now be more accessible to folks who have an Alum Sensitivity. We don't want anyone missing out on our most excellent, face saving, long lasting splashes!

Not only am I proud of this recent "Throwback" I am also convinced you will absolutely love our new bottles and juice!

Shave On!


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