I don’t have a OC razor. I used to have a ATT S2 but never really liked it. So what’s a good OC to look in to? I like a Gillette flair tip,34c, ATT alu M1.
The ATT m2 is a good choice if you like the m1. I like the Timelines 95 OC as well. It might be the best combination of smoothness and efficiency of any razor I’ve tried. It’s good for daily shaving as well as when you skip a day or two. I’m not a big fan of the Timeless handless though, so I use a UFO Colibri.

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If you like the Gillette flair and Murkur 34C look for a Gillette new long comb. A bit more aggressive than either of those but not hugely so and shaves very similarly.

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If you like aggressive, the ikon double open comb might be for you.

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Two of my favorite OCs are the Fatip Grande ("Mk2") and the Gillette New Long Comb.  IME the Long Comb is relatively efficient, and the Fatip is relatively mild, but both give very pleasant shaves.  Lipripper660s comment above about the Long Comb seemed spot on to me.

One thing:  Be careful if you get a used Fatip.  They changed their head design a few years back, significantly reducing the blade exposure and making the razor much milder.  Maggard Razors put out a nice video explaining the change, and I have included it at the end of this post.  Brad Maggard said that they gave the older Fatips 9 out of 10 for aggressiveness, and the new ones 4.

You can get a new Fatip (Grande or Piccolo) for under $30.  The Gillette New Long Comb is a vintage razor.  A really nice one may cost a few dollars more, especially if the handle is free of hairline cracks.

All that said, a lot of other good choices have already been mentioned. I would add only one: The PAA Ascension is a very nice double open comb IMO. I own the aluminum and copper versions. If I were buying again, I would get the stainless or copper.

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In vintage razors I’d highly recommend both the New SC and RFB ( Raised Flat Bottom ) as they are both nicely efficient and I find them both smooth.

There are more expensive options like the Timeless, Blackbird which are easily obtainable and the not as easy Charcoal Goods Level 1, 2 and 3 OC’s and of course the even harder to get Wolfman which does offer a lot of blade gap options and 2 different heads.
Aside from the aforementioned, I really like the PAA DOC Evolution (Double Open Comb) It is an aggressive razor though. Might be too much of a good thing if you don't like aggressive. Here is a review .... https://sharpologist.com/2017/05/paa-evolution.html
IMO Timeless.

9 out of 10 times I prefer SB; for me Timeless is THE OC.
Yeah I’m not to crazy about aggressive. I have a r41 and ikon Tech for that. They mess my face up. Use one of them and can’t shave for 3 days after

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
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Gillette RFB #77 or #88 series. Arguably, the best open comb razor ever made that combines a buttery smoothness with excellent efficiency. I’m still trying to nab one (tough to get one in good condition) as I’ve only used them via loan. Love’em. A must have in everyone’s shave den,imho. Did I mention that I love’em??

Old Type Single as efficient as anything else out there. Not as smooth and easy to use as the RFB but, helluva good shaver. And dirt cheap. K. Gillette still gazes down from the heavens in approval of this masterpiece still in use today by the hundreds of thousands. I’m not joking either....

Karve, can’t go wrong with it. Smooth and efficient in any plate you desire. Canadiens aren’t just good at hockey and Molson. They can make a great razor too, Ay. Enough said.

PAA EVO DOC SS is just the King of pure bad - assery. No longer made but, a viciously ferocious razor that makes whiskers recede before your shave even begins. Not an easy one but, once tamed and mastered, it’s pure Shaving Nirvana. This and the Asylum RX are MY FAVORITE aggressive razors on the planet....

PAA DOC Ascension series (Stainless, Aluminum & Copper) are excellent razors that all can be had for under $100. Smooth, efficient and the added benefit that they’re twist adjustable. Superb performers all of them and stupid easy to use.

Razorock GC OC’s in either .68 or .84 sizes. Not available yet but, will be within 2-3 weeks. Their SB brothers are excellent shavers that bring mild, smooth and efficient all rolled into one. The OC versions should be just as good if not better. Added plus is that they are made of a premium alloy, 316/L SS with a price point that NO ONE can touch. Doesn’t look like a Wolfman, Timeless, Charcoal Goods or a Raw Shaving razor but, the quality and tolerance is superb with the finish being just a notch or two below those mentioned. It’s the hands down champion of price per performance/quality modern razor in the business. At least for now.....

Uber Luxury status razors? Wolfman, Charcoal Goods, Timeless, Raw, Blackland, Tatara and a few others that escape me for the moment. But, none of these are cheap. These are all in the $200+ price range and are also all wonderful performers. Do you need one? NO but, they sure look pretty in your shave den and in SOTD pics. Plus, it puts you in instant celebrity big spender status and considered part of the elite ownership of elite razors. Think Free Masons but for shavers....

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