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Contest Announcement: We have a Winner! Check out the last post in this thread! 

So I had a contest on another site and I think it's time to have one here as well. This one is for a new Collection name I need and for some reason I'm drawing a blank on this one.  So this Collection is all about Herbal Extracts, Forests, Ferns, Green plants and trees, etc. I think you get the drift. I'll be adding products in this collection as we move towards the fall and winter seasons. 

So here is the prize. 

1 Vanilla Safi 4 oz size jar of Shave soap. - Retail - $125.00
1. Custom  [font=Arial]Reméde serum with Vanilla Safi Aroma Blend. - Retail $75.00 [/font]

[font=Arial]Total value of the prize = $200.00 [/font]

[font=Arial]The contest will start immediately after this post goes up and I'm going to post it in my merchant's section as well. [/font]

[font=Arial]The contest will end on Monday, August  30th at 12 noon EST.[/font]

[font=Arial]This contest has only a few rules. [/font]
[font=Arial]1. Each person can pick up to 4 names. [/font]
[font=Arial]2. You can start with 1 or 2 picks and then go back and add more until you get to 4 picks. [/font]
[font=Arial]3. You can edit 1 of your picks during this period but you must mark it in Green next to the pick you are changing and put a line through the one you are eliminating from your 4 picks. This will make it easier to go over when I go through everyone's picks. [/font]

[font=Arial]That's it and good luck everyone and please let's keep this contest fun! [/font]

[font=Arial]Best regards! [/font]

[font=Arial]Frank [/font]

[font=Arial][Image: b1CEf7l.jpg][/font]

New York
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Wow. I'm in! Ok, two off the top of my head...

1. Arboreto (arboretum in Italian)
2. Kōen Collection (Japanese for Garden)
3. Florae
4. Adirondack Collection (because, why look any further than your own backyard Frank)
5. Maaemo Collection (Finnish for Mother Earth)

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Botanical eden

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Guys take your time picking all 4 picks. You have over a week.  

One suggestion . Don’t always think other languages, countries. Etc Those are great to but don’ forget we have some amazing forests here in North America. 

I’ll also lead you away from one direction just in case you may be thinking to go there. Im going to be adding a “ Rainforest Collection “ moving forward FYI. 

Again good luck! 

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Dragonsbeard Frank, did you mean Monday August 30th?

1. Arboreal Collection
2. Lothlórien
3. Diverging Roads Collection

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(08-22-2021, 02:14 AM)jbreakfield Wrote: Dragonsbeard Frank, did you mean Monday August 30th?

1. Arboreal Collection

Yes it’s August 30th and thank you for catching my typo.  Corrected

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1. Flora
2. Verdure
3. Flourish
4. Uberous
5. Green Alchemist (Frank bumped entries to 5 so I added this on 8/30)

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NYC | Singapore
1) Garten
2) Verdant
3) Lush
4) Artemis

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- Shi Yuan
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1- Sierra
2- Wilderness
3- Boreal - edit, based on T&S Boreal. New entry “Taiga” a different term for the type of forrest in N America. Edited 31 Aug.
4 - Asplenium - a genus of fern grows in the eastern US and includes the “Dragon’s Tail Fern” (Asplenium ebenoides) - added 31 Aug.
5 - Onsen - Japanese outdoor spa with focus on nature and healing. Added 31 Aug

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(08-22-2021, 11:43 AM)Glock Wrote: 1- Sierra
2- Wilderness
3- Boreal

Tallow + Steel has a Boreal….

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