Southern Ohio
I'm in - and thanks for the offer.

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I'm in for sure. Thank you for your generosity.

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Colchester, UK
I am in

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Thanks for entering guys, keep it up. I will try to write a small piece on how I would describe the scent later today.
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

West Virginia
Interesting scent profile Oli.I'm in!!!!Thanks for the opportunity.

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I am in

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Ok so my thoughts on the scent. The first thing I should say is that this turned out exactly how I imagined it, Michelle has done a truely great job.

The four components are Raspberry (50%), Lemon (35%), Vetiver (10%) and Leather (5%).

When you first open the tub you will get a big hit of fresh sweet raspberry and a smooth lemon aroma supporting it. The lemon doesn't really punch you in the face with a zesty kick but adds a supporting role. The scent then develops and the leather notes come out making it very much an even match between the raspberry and leather with the raspberry edging it marginally. Your nose has to be pretty good to pick out the Vetiver but I do detect subtle grassy tones that almost bring the other components together in a seamless transition. This scent is bright but will appeal to those that need some of that old school manly aromas.

I can confirm that Michelle is going to release this soap along with another Spring scent, she has mentioned this on another site so I believe it is ok to say that here. It will most likely be named differently.

So for those that like the sound of this but do not win you can also get a tub but you will unfortunately have to pay for it....but I will tell you now it's worth it!

[Image: 7aK3yQA.jpg]

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
Reference to your tertiary school years?

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Great description of the scent! Thanks for that.

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north of Toronto (+US address)
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I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity - I've only heard great things about Mystic Waters soaps but never tried them, so the chance to win some is exciting!

(05-13-2016, 02:09 PM)WindsorCitrus Wrote: The name of this soap is 'Oak Pass' this is my own reference to the soap scent. As a little bit of fun please feel free to guess what this means! - It's a little far fetched but I like it.
I think I know!

I Googled "oak pass" and saw that most of the top hits are to do with a street in Beverly Hills, California. That didn't mean anything to me, but with California on my mind and me looking at your post signature - and the "raise a glass" clue in the last line of your post - I remembered that a few months ago in your great soap review thread, you'd shared some interesting comments about your appreciation of good shaving soaps, comparing that to your appreciation of good wines. And you'd made specific mention of a California wine area you found exiting: Paso Robles.

Translation of the Spanish words "Paso Robles" into English: Oak Pass

Here's the post, quoted in full because it was a good one! (I added the bold)
"WindsorCitrus Wrote: Over time I have come to appreciate a good shaving soap like a good wine, in some respects my love of wine tasting I think has helped me appreciate a good soap prior to even lathering it up and using it.

For those that don't know the art of wine tasting it is quite a simple one, one I learnt over the last few years. Basically you pour the wine, you observe its structure and colour, you swirl and smell it and then you take that first mouthful, larger than your average mouthful. Filling your mouth with the tastes, smells and textures, after swallowing you take note of the after taste and the longevity of mouth feel. Once this is done you relax and enjoy the wine for what it is.

This process has stirred a strange connection with shaving soaps and has made me appreciate them more as works of art rather than just soap. For instance, when I first receive a soap, I observe the packaging and if it well finished I expect this of the soap. Once the lid has been removed I will take a quick second to look at the make up of the soap and I may peruse the ingredients. Next I will take a few big intakes of the scent through my nose and see what I can detect, in most cases instantly I will know if this soap is going to be for me but if you throw a spanner in the works such as some of the Barrister and Mann scents you have a real job of picking out many complex notes. I will bloom the soap prior to using it and give it another whiff, I will try to detect any change in the scent and pick out maybe more notes that were not apparent at first. Once lathered I will put it on my face for the first time I will let it sit a minute, I will observe any changes that take place and without thinking grade the quality of the lather. I will then settle and enjoy the shave - or maybe I won't! Last but not least the post shave is an important time to reflect on the performance and gauge the quality of the post shave feel.

My taste in wine very much reflects my choice in soaps. French wines bore me, they may taste good but the labels and dominant one grape varieties do not excite me. Wines from exciting regions like Paso Robles in California arouse me with bold scents and mixes of grape varieties and just down right outrageously cool label designs. Mitchell's Wool Fat is just like a French wine it maybe a cracking soap but it's boring, I like the outgoing scents of the new artisans with strong aromas and just as good if not better performance than the old world soaps.

It's sometimes strange the connections we make! So, what connections have you made? Please share or if your a normal person and not slightly mad like me then I hope you enjoyed my strange connection
I love a challenge! And I'm in agreement with your connection. And I like wine too!

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