This is one soap I've been meaning to try but have held off since I read conflicting reports. On one hand I see great reviews about the scents and post shave and on the other I see many people say it's a poor performer or lather is hard to make. Very confusing to me and it might just be this confusion that is making it so intriguing to me. You know, find out for myself sort of thing. I don't see much mention of them here, maybe I missed it, dunno.

There are a number of scents that sound good to me namely Adirondack Jack since I like woodsy, pine natural smelling soaps. I'm all ears as to suggestions for scents and would really appreciate hearing what you guys think of Mystic Waters soap.

Austin, TX
Hi stormtrooper , Mystic Water is a very solid soap. Personally, I have never had issue(s) with lather and I live in an area with quite hard water. As to scents, I have tried a number but likely my favorite is Poggio dei Pini.

If you are looking for a woodsy scent, I would heartily recommend. However you go, you'll not be disappointed Smile

celestino is an expert on the line and will likely chime in with further recommendations too.

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+1000% on Celestino!

From my personal experience the MW soaps are OUTSTANDING. My favorite scents are Egyptian Dagon, Bay Rum, and Vetiver&Oakmoss. If you start with a barely wet brush and load for at least a minute, adding a few drops of water every 10-12 seconds, you will most certainly have a perfect "proto-lather", which will whip up into excellently stable, protective and moisturizing lather that many MF users regularly enjoy.

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I agree wholeheartedly with kwsher and ANG69. I've sampled a number of their scents and enjoyed all of them. Very easy to get a great lather once you get the water ratio dialed in.

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- Jeff
I will continue the good word for Mystic Waters, it is a truely remarkable performer. I don't ever see people saying its performance is not good but I have seen the issue with lather building. I have incredibly hard water where I live and I find it very easy to lather, you just need to give it a little more time but it is well worth it.

Michelle makes some great scents, I am in love with Rosalimone. I have just put a big order of samples in as I couldn't resist and after that I would be able to tell you more about some of the woody scents.

Celestino will be the best one to give advice on MW in particular woody/earthy scents.

Any troubles give Michelle a bell she is very helpful.

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
Thanks guys! You have given me the confidence to go ahead and give it a shot.

Another question, I know Michelle from Mystic is on the other forums but why isn't on this one? It would be good to get her take on her soap and the issues of hard to lather.

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stormtrooper, she is a member here, but doesn't post very often. Maybe try shooting her a PM? Her user ID is Mystic Water

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- Jeff
Mystic Water is one of the few artisan soaps that I have in my rotation (alongside mostly "luxury" priced products like MdC and Nuavia).

It took me a very long time to figure out how to work this soap. Actually, I couldn't quite do it. Previously, before getting my water softener, I had extremely hard water (double the highest "very hard" category in most tests). Nothing I could do could work up a stable and highly slick lather in a consistent fashion.

Then I got my water softener and everything changed. I was getting the results that some folks have reported, and now Mystic Water is one of my staples. For many, I suspect the difficulties lathering Mystic Water is simply due to hard water issues, particularly with the Sensitive formula (which seems more susceptible to this).

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I haven't had issues lathering MW, although I live in a very soft water area. Michelle does sell good-sized samples though, so that way you can try out multiple scents and see if the soap works for you.

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I held off for a long time for the same reasons but finally bought a puck of Cuppa Joe last month and I'm glad I did. I have a water softener so I can't speak for hard water results but I had no issues lathering it. Overall the soap provides excellent slickness, cushion, stability, and post shave. I can't think of anything to knock it for, and even the scent that I chose is great.

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