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Just got this British 1944 government issue Myatt. Wow it's light and very good looking:[Image: 20150906_093636.jpg]It's marked WJM for Myatt with the Government Property Broad Arrow and the year: [Image: 20150906_093725.jpg] [Image: 20150906_093703.jpg]
I guess with other metals requisitioned for the war effort, aluminium (like bakelite) was a good option.
But why aren't there more aluminium razors from this period?
I think Paul (pjgh) had a similar 1945 model at one point, so does anybody have more info on them or comments?

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That's a pretty cool find. As I understand aluminum was rationed here in the States for war production. They would even have aluminum drives for recycling. I would imagine the British also used a lot of it for aircraft, mess kits and apparently razors. All the aluminum razors that I have tried have been mild shavers. How does that one shave?
I was expecting mild and mediocre performance but surprisingly, this is quite an aggressive shaver like a punchier British NEW, and also beautifully smooth:[Image: 20150907_070356.jpg]
The handle's not very grippy but otherwise this is a superb razor and definitely a keeper.

So I wonder why a war effort razor would be made of aluminium?

My Shavecraft Tech also has an aluminium head and this might supercede bakelite as my favourite material for razors.
What other aluminium razors are there?

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There are tons of aluminum Gillette Techs and Blue Tip Superspeeds. I've got an aluminum Gillette #58 rocket that I suspect is milder then the all brass version. I've also seen several vintage Russian safety razors that are aluminum, though I've never used any.
Of course! I'd forgotten about the alu Techs...
...and ten hours on, the shave from this aluminium Myatt is still great.
I favour more aggressive razors, and this one has proved to be a very pleasant surprise.

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And of course the wartime Rolls razors are all aluminium too...

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pretty cool looking razor. if I saw one, I'd pick it up.
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