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Some individuals have made big tracks in our shaving hobby so when work took me to Phoenix and I found myself very near the Razor Emporium, I couldn’t miss the chance to go see some gear in person.  As you may know, Razor Emporium started as a replating service and is the brainchild of Mr. Pisarcik.  It came from his love of all things vintage Gillette.  Who knows, perhaps he’d have a replated New Long Comb that I’d have to carry back to Idaho?  Anyway, I was expecting to see a small industrial shop big enough to handle a hobby razor plating business and perhaps a little showroom out front to sell some soaps.  I did find an industrial space, and when I walked in the door I also found Matt sitting in a lobby chair, laptop open, and phone to his ear.  I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it was obvious he was conducting business.  And that expected little showroom?  Well, I missed that one by a mile!  There were soaps and creams, aftershaves and EdPs, razors and brushes, floor to ceiling.  I was met immediately by a most pleasant lady who made it her mission to help me.  More curious than commercial, I asked her a ton of questions.  What sells best? How many folks visit this showroom?  How long had she been working for Matt?  What I learned is that the Emporium has a new line of shaving soaps and I had just met the head cook!  She shared with me her work and I chose her favorite, Citrus, to take home with me.  By then Matt had concluded what business had his attention and he turned his attention to me.  I shared that I had watched many of his YouTube videos and read much about his answers to vintage Gillette questions.  And we visited.  As time is valuable I asked him if I could get a picture and if he would mind if I posted it on the DFS forum.  The conversation immediately changed and he said “I really like that forum and the people active there.  That is Andrew’s site isn’t it?”  I assured him he was correct and he said “do you have time for a tour?”  Well, yes I did and boy howdy what a tour.  You know that “little” shop I was expecting to find?  Well, it’s grown.  He first showed me how they handle internet sales and shipping.  Then he shared the soap making area and much of what they do.  And then we got to the machinery!  I knew he owned Rex Razors, and I knew they were USA made but I would have guessed the work would be done by a contract machine shop.  What I found was lathes and breaks and plasma cutters and stamps all dedicated to making Rex Razors (and other projects that ought to prove exciting).  I found they even have their own die line and printing press to make boxes, foil emboss, and print.  Do you know that sweet leather and walnut travel case for the Rex?  Well, I saw a stack of expensive black walnut in that barn.  Then he showed me the Rex assembly stations and the system of parts and how they all get together while keeping assurance that quality will result.  We moved on to the refurb/replating area and again, I watched skilled fingered people stripping, polishing, and prepping razors from all over the nation.  It was like Santa’s workshop and again I was shown he system of how each received razor stays autonomous and identifiable. The plating room was fascinating!  Gold, Rodium, nickel, oh my!  And the prep and chemistry that goes into it?  Awesome. The little shop is not little at all and Matt has tools and machines that are worthy of some serious envy!  I know it sounds a little like a freaking fan boy but I assure you I’m too old for that crap.  I can say I was seriously impressed what this young man has done and is planning to do.  He’s made a difference in traditional shaving and there are more surprises coming, some on the near horizon. I’m not comfortable sharing what he shared with me because I sure don’t want to let cats out of bags before he is ready but I assure you, Matt Pisarcik is the real deal with big plans.
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I'm heading down there on Friday to pick up my freshly replated Fatboy. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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Wonderful narrative, thank you so much for sharing this with us!

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(08-11-2021, 10:15 PM)MaineYooper Wrote: Wonderful narrative, thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Yeah, I agree, very cool trip!

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Thanks for sharing! Been a fan/customer of Razor Emporium for a couple years.

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Thanks for a great mental tour of Razor Emporium, Lipripper660.  I was fortunate to get into the group buy for the Rex Ambassador Matt did for us here at DFS.  I was, and am, quite impressed with it and, unlike some razors that fall by the wayside, it has remained in my rotation.  Then, sometime later on Matt's site, I saw a razor set I had wanted for my collection and had no plans to use.  The Wilkinson Sword seven day razor set was in gorgeous condition and the price was very reasonable.  When I had found others, either on eBay or in antique shops, there was invariably a blade or two missing or the strop was missing or the condition of the set was pretty hopeless.  Seeing this on Matt's site was a true find.

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If I am ever in Phoenix, Razor Emporium would be #1 of places to visit there.  Again, thanks for the "tour." Happy2

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You can listen to Matt discuss his view on the world and wet shaving on the Lather Talk podcast Episode SO2E17 April 28.  Good stuff Happy2

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