Here's a rundown video of my Top 5 new soaps of 2015 (along with a few honorable mentions).

What would be on your Top 5 list for 2015?


- The Clean Shaver

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Be smooth, everyone!
- The Clean Shaver

West Virginia
No particular order
DeLuxe Shaving Co. Mods or Lucky 13
RazoRock Son of Zeus
Country Club for Men Blend #5
Soap Commander Passion
Stirling Executive Man

Few of these may not be new to some but with a smidge over a year DE shaving they are new to me.If I was nailed down to one based on performance the nod goes to Deluxe by far.Going by scent,Son of Zeus(Love Terre d"Hermes)although Executive man is a super scent as well!!
For Christmas I received a tub of Italian Barber's economy line of soaps in Acquatico,this one is moving up in the rotation fast.
Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all the DFShavers!!!!!

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Chicago, IL
These may not be "all-new" in 2015, but they are new to MY den this year.  Here's the Top 5:  

1) B&M Leviathan - this soap is at the top of the list and exceeded my expectations. It's dark, complex and completely different than any other soap in my den.  Leather, coffee (and who knows what else) blend beautifully together.  And the matching splash is a must-have (I get a bit more coffee scent from the a/s).  
2) Soapy Bathman Cigar Lounge - yes, there's a cigar in there somewhere, but it's also sweet (lemony) with hints of a rich cologne underneath. Love it with Folsom Capri splash. It's totally different than the many varieties of "captain's pipe" available from so many artisans.  
3) Chiseled Face Summer Storm - I'm not sure how you take the smell of dandelions and turn it into a go-to scent!  Totally unique and wonderfully constructed.  The matching splash is even better!
4) Razorock Chicago - I'll call this a "bright" floral.  It's not green, it's more flowery and sharp.  I'm from Chicago - I promise you my garden doesn't smell anywhere near this good!
5) Tiki Bar North Shore - in contrast to RR Chicago this soap has a "soft", tropical flower vibe.  I reached for it at least once a week last spring/summer.

I'll also add the performance is top-notch for all of the above artisans.

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You said soaps so I will mention brands instead of scents which are too close for me too rate. The brands of soaps I use are so consistent that no matter which scent I choose the performance is still the same.

1. B&M
2. Reef Point Soaps
3. AdP
4. Stirling
5. Tim's Soap/Catie's Bubbles (tie)

Metro Detroit
I don't know if these were new in 2015, but here goes:

1. B&M Fireside with the glissant base
2. Reef Point Test Depth
3. CRSW Jardin d'Orange
4. Maggard's Limes and Bergamot
5. Fuzzy Face Beau Brummel

These were new to me for 2015 and are in no particular order Smile

The Blades Grim "Reaper"

Steambath Factory "izard's Pipe"


Mickey Lee "Drunken Gaot"

Lucky Tiger "Liquid Shave Scream"


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