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A very interesting take, Chris.  I am waiting to hear about getting one of these and shall make my own decision. However, unless I get a positive response from the company and an equally acceptable shave from the final product then I shall have to agree with you.  I shall let you know if there is a negative response by the end of June 2016.

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Looks dangerous.

When you were on close-up and you pulled the blade out I gasped. Thought for sure it bent and sprung back into the flesh of your finger tips.

In fairness, the blades are sold already in half for salons to use. They're expensive relative to the full size DE blades. Not all brand available in that format either.

Not a razor for me. It absolutely is innovative!

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Shave yourself.

Totally agree Chris. Snapping a DE blade in half to make a "single edge" is pointless. The difference in shaving with an SE razor is obviously the different blade. Like you said, interesting and creative, but totally pointless.

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- Jeff

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It is a cool concept, but no, is not a Goose or a Cobra. I got one because you could not beat the price. The corners can be snapped off, so that's not a problem. I have used it several times and find it a very good and efficient razor for a $25.00 razor. It is not for everyone, that's for sure.

I also signed up at the beginning and it took some time and communication to finally get mine. So, welcome to the club, lol....

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Yeah, I can agree with that. For $25, why not give it a shot?

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- Jeff

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Agreed. The price is very tempting. I wonder how come they can offer this at this price and yet other stainless steel razors are a lot more expensive.

If only RR and Maggards can forego Zamak and offer their basic razor heads in this material, wow.. just wow.

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They explained it. They have a big factory, and the price is low because their process is quite fast and simple, from a single block (the head).

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Good overview.

I mentioned elsewhere that it is like a little hammer. For the price I think it a good grab but after using it for a week I noticed that I get a fair amount of blade chatter; particularly on problem areas such as my neck.

Not a deal killer and I do think the novelty of design is something that I enjoy supporting but would not be a razor that I would spend a ton of money on at the end of the day.

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Price aside, I think what Chris references is spot on. This is basically like using one side of a DE razor and ignoring the other side. SE blades are what set the shave apart in SE razors. Simply snapping a blade in half and calling it a SE razor is a stretch and a big one at that. Design is fine and price is right, but calling this a SE shaving experience is a misleading nomenclature. I used this for a week as a colleague at work picked one up... I would not add this to my den based on a week's worth of shaves with it even for 25 bucks. That's just my take.

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