meant to post this the other day. feel free to ask if you have any questions Big Grin


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Interesting review! Couple of questions:

Being one of those weird people who keeps hair on the top of his head, what do you think makes a good head razor vs a good face razor?

This'll be highly subjective, but what're your thoughts on the short blade life and cost effectiveness? Seems to me that the same format of razor but taking regular DE blades would've been a better design.
the primary things holding this razor back from being good for head use is the angle is hard to maintain when using this one and the fact that the blade choice isn't ideal.

re: blade cost vs cost effectiveness... i think this $300 razor falls short, there. have a look at this:


and this is the less expensive option vs purchasing the blades from oneblade

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Sydney, Australia
Thanks for the info, always good to learn.

And yeeks, I think those prices have just sunk my interest in the razor.

Yeah, waaay overpriced IMO. I don't like the pivoting head idea either. You can get just as good of a shave out of any number of DE razors and get to pick any blade you want. That and the blades are cheaper and last longer. Just my opinion though. Thanks for the video review Eric, very insiteful.
- Jeff
Eric, I was quite surprised at how quickly you blow through blades. Do you have any idea why that is? SE blades are a good bit thicker than DE blades & to me they cut the hair differently so it is hard to compare the feeling of one to the other. They are just different. i also pretty much recommend shorter strokes across the board for SE razors compared to DE. I'm not sure how easily short strokes will transfer to head shaved though.

Thanks for the video even if it did give me a bit of buyer's remorse.
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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

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