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I cleaned up the Den the other day and decided to take a picture.   I didnt take a picture of the soaps as they are just towers stacked underneath my sink.

[Image: HfO47yA.jpg]

- ATT Bronze set
- Blackbird with 70mm and 101mm handles
- Delta Echo Plated Gillette SC NEW in Bronze and Copper
- Muhle R89 Rosegold
- My Grandpa's Gillette Slim
- Wolfman WRH1 15 x 85mm
- ATT Kronos Handle

- Simpsons Faux Ivory M7 Manchurian
- Simpsons Coral M7 Manchurian
- Simpsons Disco Haze Hive Manchurian
- Simpsons "Truefitt & Hill" Faux Tortise E3 Silvertip
- Simpsons QEII "The Jubillee" Manchurian
- Simpsons Jade Chubby 2 Synthetic
- Vie-Long Faux Ivory Beehive
- Thater 4125/1 3-band bulb
- Wolf Whiskers Ubersoft 2 (not sure the color or handle name)
- Muhle 33 H 13 Olivewood STF

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Austin, TX
Jerry that's great collection of quality stuff.

Awsome collection Big Grin

Super Moderator
San Diego, Cal., USA
Love the lineup! Happy2
Top notch selection. Great line up!
Just noticed you have the blackbird in the ATT inkstand. That's good to know. Great looking bronze ATT set as well.
Georgeous collection! I can see you enjoy your B&M aftershaves Smile.

Southern Ohio
Nice collection - especially the brushes.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very nice Jerry!

Thank you Gents. I also listed out the razors and brushes. Maybe I will add a picture of the soaps in the future. I have to reorganize that area any ways, its starting to get a bit unruly under the sink.

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