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Shave Maharaja
Very excited and awed to receive my first Wolf Whiskers brush. Peter was a joy to work with and he accomodated so many tweaks and changes so patiently. This is the new premium Interrobang design which he was kind to turn for me, the same week he uploaded the prototype on his facebook page. So I guess this is perhaps the first of the design to go to a customer. Selected a 51 mm loft TGN premium grade silvertip 25mm badger knot ! [Image: 2620e633f2a7afb765010987c7b1266f.jpg][Image: 528c133ea9060042e851e26e6673c778.jpg][Image: e291cbfd41bd6a1ce6347b5c0c6273d5.jpg][Image: de26ffe15111044aae7edf4bdaca0122.jpg][Image: 624f9a476d290eb9aca01dbbc935bdb5.jpg]

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And they told me "try wet shaving, it saves money!" Big Grin

Idaho Falls, Idaho
That is a beautiful brush my friend.

Des Moines, IA
Peter is among the best of artisans. Congrats!

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