So my new brushes just came in a day apart from each other and I had a chance to try them out. As with anything I will ever post, these are just my opinions, and they are very much worth what you pay for them! Big Grin Excuse the pics, I just snapped them quickly this morning and may update tonight with better ones. Another caveat, these are the first synthetic brushes I've ever used, so definitely take that into account.

Maggard's Synth w/marble handle: Love the folks at Maggard's, great service and anytime I've ever had any issues they've jumped to fix them.  I'm not in love with the resin this one. It looks like a mix of their purple handle resin colors and the brown marble colors mixed. Definite purple swirls with some yellow mixed in over the brownish base. Pic #2 shows what I'm talking about. Aesthetic nitpicking aside, it's a $12 brush with a substantial base, comfortable handle, and seems to be well made. I have lost probably between 10-15 fibers on this one through a test lather and shave this weekend. Insanely soft fibers, but a bit too much flop for me. Bowl lathered really well from a 15 second load on the soap, with enough left over for at least two more passes( I do two for a normal shave). Due to the higher loft, I got much more of a paintbrush effect when I was applying the lather

Shave Revolution Persian Jar Stubby: Second order from these guys, and they ship almost as quick as Maggard's, which is saying something. Love the look of this one, and the engraved logo is a nice touch. Now this one is twice as much as the Maggard, but I like the feel of it better. I think I'm so used to my Omega 10066 boar, that I prefer more backbone in a brush.  This one isn't quite as soft as the other, but they're both crazy soft. Haven't lost any fibers out of this one yet, and it was used just like the Maggard, one shave and one test lather. Same basic results as far as lather, but the overall feel of the Shave Rev. I just like better so far.

My hands are on the bigger side, and both handles felt very comfortable for me. Weight felt very close on both, but I haven't thrown them on a scale yet to confirm specifics. We'll see after a couple more shaves which one stays and which one gets gifted out.

[Image: IMG_1653_zpsc9xxzpd1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1654_zpsxfb7yxhg.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1655_zpsnjh6hi5b.jpg]

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I've had the 24mm Maggard's synth for a few weeks now, and I'm enjoying it. I find it less floppy than my Plisson synthetic, which is definitely an improvement. It's more manageable than my Edwin Jagger XL synth, too (that one always sends lather flying around, which I find annoying). I'm curious about the Shave Revolution brush now, though. It's fun to see various outfits making use of that Plisson-style knot.

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I have had the Maggards 24mm now for about a month, I would guess. It is not my favorite brush, but I do like it very much. It is the only synthetic I have ever used, so nothing to compare it to, but I like it. I have not had the problem with losing fibers that you are experiencing with it. I have used it for probably a dozen shaves and a couple fo test lathers, and I have lost maybe 10-15 fibers total..,.not even 1 fiber every use, and in fact, I have not lost a fiber in the last couple of uses. I would guess the shedding will slow down very quickly for you.

Also, your handle looks more variable than mine. Mine is more of an olive drab green with a small bit of purple and white marbling, and a bit of brown marbling...

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Interesting I was hoping so one would compare the two. I like how the handle looks. From what I figure the stubby is set deeper on the handle then their other evolution brush. Perhaps that's why it has more back born and the spread diameter is less.

I have the Purple marrgard, Plissoft , 22 mm stirling and two satin tips. Look forward to hearing more of the differences,

My maggards only lost 2-4 hairs total.

Just an update: Shaved last night and used the Stubby again. I'm still not 100% on the synthetics yet. I'm pretty positive it's largely due to the fact that I've used my Omega boar brush for the better part of the last year exclusively. I dialed in my technique with that brush, so it's proving to be a bit of a challenge swapping out. The backbone on the Omega is just crazy, but just cant match the synths for face feel.

I am still leaning towards the Stubby over the Maggard right now as far as those two go.

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I use a Shave Rev. 24mm most shaves. It gets probably 90% use. Love it. I would describe it as "easy". It lathers every soap or cream with ease, cleans up quickly, and feels like silk in my face.
I tried going to boar and just can't make it work. Maybe those two are just on far opposite sides of the spectrum.

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