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I just received this beauty but have not used it yet.  Rudy is a pleasure to deal with.  This is a 28mm Shavemac Finest knot set at about 56-57mm loft.  The butterscotch resin handle is similar to the popular standard M7 handle.  I also have a smaller Shavemac Finest for several years and love it.  Very soft, decent backbone, great flow through. Oh well, we'll see how it performs tomorrow.

[Image: oHIcjx7.jpg]

UPDATE!!! 8/17/2015. I think that the current Shavemac finest is floppier than the older stuff I have in another brush. However, I am in the process of having the loft decreased. Will report back. The knot is as soft as anything I have tried and am convinced it will be a great brush.

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Beautiful handle.
Very nice brush!

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