DFS 2018 LE Brush Announced!!! Read more here!!


❤️s in bna and dtw
long walks on city streets, stainless steel razors, tallow soaps, alcohol splashes, dance music, subwoofers, islay scotches, gin + tonics, the city of detroit, techno, house and drum n bass music(s), german cars and 2 band badger brushes.

basically, i'm the oldest raver you know!
eric b

sotd album: https://goo.gl/photos/qB2EdWaqQm2MSNa26

my youtube channel - dance music + shaving: https://www.youtube.com/user/drummondbass/videos
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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome. Smile

Los Angeles
Welcome, good to see you Smile
Hey, it's the funky uncle!

"No one wants advice, only corroboration." -John Steinbeck

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