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Like many I have tried for a long time to get this soap to work for me. I have finally made progress.

One factor is that NYC water works better for me than Delaware. Second, load, load and load. Third, I use a minimally damp brush so that when I start to apply the soap it does not go on evenly and smooth, but a bit splotchy.

But what brought it together is I do not use very warm or hot water. One day while watching the lather dissipate it looked as if it were melting - too much heat. So I started using water on the cold side and I ended up with a stable, decent lather. Sometimes even the yogurty cushiony lather we usually prefer.

The result is excellent shaving, but man, it's fickle stuff.

PS I have two scents. Lime lathers much more easily than Bay Rum so apparently the fragrance oils affect the soap's performance.

PPS Yes Celestino, I know, I know.

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Same here. When I get a good lather it's good stuff. I have plenty of soaps that I can load for 15-20 seconds and get enough great lather for a 3 pass shave and still have some left over after shaving my head. All the extra loading and time invested to build a great lather just isn't for me.

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I too had issues with this soap, but have dialed it in for the most part. Thanks for your insight on the water temp. I am going to try using cool to lukewarm water next time.

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Ted, congratulations!

Also, for anyone needing a bit of assistance with lathering the soap, I can always offer a simple Skype tutorial if need be. Shy

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