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I'm sure everybody has their own way of doing this. Typically, checking your results after the first pass or when you are finished seem to make the most sense. For me, it's the mustache area. I found this out one day (with which razor I forget). I did a single pass (I usually do two), and realized I didn't need another. Everything was smooth, clean, and the second pass felt very unnecessary. When I feel this, I know I have an efficient or perhaps a VERY efficient razor. Also, the end result and how I got there in terms of passes/effort factor in as well.
What are your thoughts and how do you measure the level of efficiency you prefer in your shave?

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For me "efficiency" relates to my ability to apply good shaving technique with the razor I am using. That means understanding the different areas of my face and the direction my facial hair grows, the angle of my blade for different areas of my face, and when to quit shaving a particular area. Good technique is the way to get the most out of a particular razor, which is efficiency for me.

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My method to compare two razors is to use the same brand of fresh blade and do a single pass with each razor. I'm a head shaver and typically do a single XTG pass anyway, so that's what I do for evaluation. I'll do a side-by-side first. Then I'll do a single shave with each. It's also important to make sure the same amount of time has elapsed between shaves.

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