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I thought I'd share - finally got my little family of brushes the way I want them.  

I face lather, and I like a little more 'skritch' and backbone in my brush, so I've been re-knotting all my brushes with TNG black badger knots.   I wanted to save one with a 2-band Grade A in case I'm in the mood for a softer feel.   

Here's the list:
Wolf Whiskers - Tuxedo Shape - Burnt Oak Whisky color theme - Black Badger - 2016
Wolf Whiskers - DWW-3 Shape - Rocky Road and White color theme - Black Badger - 2016
Wolf Whiskers - Tyrion Shape - Copper and Aqua-Color color theme - Grade A Badger - 2016
Wolf Whiskers - Raptor Shape - Ginny's Joy color theme - Black Badger - 2017
Rudy Vey - Hour Glass Shape - German flag color theme - Black Badger - 2017
Je&Co (Jequil&Corenveo) - Barber Pole color theme - Black Badger


[Image: ts4A8DJ.jpg]

[Image: fNxJZ3X.jpg]

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Awesome collection, some serious dineros.
Love the handles variety.

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