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Since I had an hour between appointments this afternoon, I thought I would check out a local antique store.  Ended up getting a Rubberset 59 with boar bristles and an old Weck med-prep razor.  But I've been searching for a "cheap" straight razor that I might be able to learn on.  What I found was a razor box that said Union Razor Cutler Co.  But when I opened it...I found a Wade & Butcher Special.  It was only $18 so I thought, why not?  

I really don't know anything about straights but based on what I've read on this forum, it seems Wade & Butcher has a good reputation.  I honestly don't know if this was a good deal or I'm out $18 but I thought it was worth a shot.  The razor may be shot for all I know.  But she did lend me a jeweler's loop and it didn't look like there were any nicks or damage to the blade.  Hopefully, you guys can tell me more.  

Here's some pics but, excuse the quality, I don't have a good camera and took these with my phone:

[Image: SCmJymo.jpg]

[Image: W17yYB6.jpg]

[Image: rOu3KcP.jpg]

[Image: sass6T9.jpg]

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There is some uneven hone wear that is causing the toe to become slightly more narrow than the heel. That may need some attention to get the bevel properly set, and the edge shaving well. Not bad, mind you, but noticeable. There also appears to be the beginning of a frown showing in the bevel on the show side of the blade, right underneath the "L" and arrow tip etching. You can see where the bevel widens there, indicating uneven contact, and a potential trouble spot if not watched carefully.

I definitely recommend going slow and observing carefully as you hone it, to avoid exaggerating that taper and making it harder and harder to hone as it continues. I have a couple tapered blades in my collection. Some of them were easy to get a good bevel on, some of them are still trying my patience. A Sharpie, loupe, and roll of 3M electrical tape will be helpful, along with a light hand and constant observation.

It really does not look bad, though. It's gonna take some attention, but I definitely have worse in my collection that still shave very well.

And yes, Wade & Butcher is an popular name in Sheffield steel. I have a couple. Good steel, for certain...

Do you plan on cleaning it and honing it yourself, or sending it out to be done?

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Chris, thanks so much for the info!

Now that it's been pointed out, I can see those trouble areas. I just had no idea what I was looking for when I was in the shop. Whether or not I clean/hone it is a good question. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to try and do it myself. I've watched a few YouTube videos and read a couple threads in this forum...but that is the extinct of my knowledge and experience with straights Smile. I won't be doing anything soon because I just don't have the tools. But I'll find me a decent strop and some beginner's stones and give it shot. I know WhippedDog has a beginners set and strop.

I do have one Razor Hone called The Swaty. From what I could find Googling, it seems that The Swaty is a Barber's hone that isn't really intended for creating the edge but mainly for maintaining it. My dad tried using a straight razor for awhile when I was kid. Unfortunately, he can't find the razor but was able to give me the hone. Thanks again!

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