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I am in the mood to give back to the community. This PIF includes a bottle of Captain's Choice Cat O' Nine Tails AS, 85% Full and a one-time lathered tub of Sampsons All Natural Shave Soap.
All you have to do is say: "I'm in" and tell us one thing you like about DFS. I'll let this run until Monday morning, 8am EDT and I'll use random.org to pick.
I like my interactions between the fellow members.
CONUS only please.

[Image: kcKzWrn.jpg]

1) MetalHead88
2) Austinoire
3) FulhamShaver
4) lance3114
5) gregkw12
6) Max
7) ezcape49

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What a generous PIF Primo! I'm not in (would like to see a newbie have a shot), but I appreciate your generosity Smile.

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Southern Ohio
Not in - I'll let someone else get a shot at this. Thanks for the generous offer.

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NOT in, great pif though!

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Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.

New Jersey
I'm in. One thing that I like about dfs is that nobody ever has anything negative to say.

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Houston, Texas
I'm in. Great PIF. I like that the members have been over supportive snd helpful with great advice when I have a question or concern related to shaving as a newbie.

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Look Ma, I'm wet shaving, I'm wet shaving...

That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
NOT in, but I really appreciate the generosity, primotenore. And Captains Choice Co9T is one of my favorite splashes, especially in the cold of winter. Excellent stuff!

What I like about DFS is the truly free and respectful exchange of ideas we are afforded here. There is always a good conversation going on somewhere...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

Not in. Nice job!
Bob from Virginia
I'm in.
The generosity of the members is one of the best things about this forum.

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I'm in. Cat o nine tails has always been on my list. What I really like here at DFS is the freedom to express opinions and the few simples rules.

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