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My dad bought me a silvertip shaving brush. I won't say the brand because I don't want to badmouth anything while I know nothing. 

He said it's the best brush money can buy and it is super soft, but it smells really funny and sort of feral.  Will this go away with use? It is a bit of funky smell and I have to put it close to my nose to use it.

I don't want to sell it or anything as it was a gift.
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The smell will go away with use. Fret not.

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Untreated hair smell, not unusual. It will go away with use or use shampoo and oxiclean if you want to accelerate the process.

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Trout, as the others have stated, this is completely normal and the smell will dissipate in time. The nice thing is that once it does, your brush hairs may begin to subtly smell of your favorite soaps and creams. Smile

You can definitely gently  shampoo the brush but I just tend to wait it out. If the brush feels great on your face then just enjoy. Wink

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do some test lathers..it'll help break the brush in and get rid of the funk.

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Ok, I will have to see what soaps I can use. I like a masculine scent.

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After every shave lather it up with your favorite scented soap and let it sit for a few hours full of lather. Do that for a week or so and it will dissipate. Or you could just lather it with some Tabac straight away and knock out the smell but you will be left with something you may or may not enjoy. I count myself in the enjoy it camp.

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Lather it a few times with Arko. It will replace one bad smell for another. ;P

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What other have said. I usually lather it a few times and let it sit for an hour or so. It should go away in a few days. I usually lather with Arko a couple of times followed by my favorite scent.

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(06-12-2015, 02:43 PM)SharpSpine Wrote: Lather it a few times with Arko. It will replace one bad smell for another. ;P

Bwahahaha. Sadly it's a true story.

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