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I received a sample of this beef tallow soap or croap if you will, with an order I placed for some new oleo and uncle Jon’s soaps. This new one was a pleasant surprise. Nice slickness, and a very even fragrance that made the 3 pass shave even more enjoyable.

I noticed that these are the makers of ouroboros and Kells. Never pulled the trigger on these earlier. Kinda kicking my own ass. I really liked it!

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Where did you purchase the Oleo and Jon’s from? I thought Murphy and McNeil was only sold through their website. I did buy some samples from them based on a Ruds review. So far I’ve only used Trinity. I really like the soap and my order was promptly filled. The only minor negative was in the sample packaging. I’ve never encountered a sealed foil pouch like that before. Once it’s opened there is no zip lock to reseal it. I guess you just fold it over , clip it and put it a zip lock sandwich baggie. IMHO a miniature screw top jar or snap lid would be better. Seems to me what everyone else uses for samples.

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Murphy and McNeil Náid
(Tallow/Duckfat/Lanolin Base)

I'm just going to get it out of the way now:

Ok, now we can get down to brass tacks here. All purchases from this artisan go to support the autism group ACT, But certain soaps contribute even more of the proceeds to Autism Awareness, and are done in his non-standard (special?) Base.

Scent: The scent notes are a simple Apricot and Freesia, this automatically made me think of the Apricot/Jasmine of B&M's Sinfonia (one of my favorite scents of all time from one of my favorite artisans). But, they are strikingly different; M&M's (?) offering is based in a bright and zesty Apricot with the faintest of an already delicate floral's undertones. Compare this with the heavy stewed-fruit type of Apricot sharing equal space with the sturdy fragrance workhorse of Jasmine. While I do wish Náid had a stronger scent, there's no denying that it is delightful.

Characteristics: this base is SOFT!!! I didnt go poking at it before use and so didnt think to expect that, between a light bloom and a dense 28mm BSSW 2-Band, that poor soap didnt stand a chance. I even included a before and after sequence to drive the point home; this stuff is a croap at most and nigh on a cream. It presents as a beautiful yellow, I'm unaware if that is from the scent ingredients or base but I liked it.

Performance: this stuff is elite-level, there is no room for doubt in my mind on that issue. I compare this favorably with B&M/Talbot/A&E/Wholly Kaw, this base base will hold it's own in ALL metrics and I included a pic of the lather to attempt at showing what I was working with. This is a thirsty creation, but once properly hydrated you will be in possession of a dense, slick lather that gives an amazing level of slickness and protection.

Post-shave feel & Aftershave Splash: waiting over an hour before using any post-shave product, I can say the results were impressive! Soft & hydrated with no irritation at all. Regardless, my routine is to use the A&E Serum and soap's matching splash. The scent on the splash is wonderful, matching the soap but brighter. My only complaint is a slightly tacky feeling on the skin that I attribute to splashes using both Glycerin and Aloe. But that is quite minor and a personal preference-only observation.

Packaging/Shelf-Appeal: I have really started gravitating to products that I believe look clean, "uncluttered" and mature in their theme and design. This brand is a good representative of that for me, and I think the unique splash bottles are especially nice. I find myself vacillating back and forth about whether or not color might be nice in some of their labels (Kells comes to mind, as The Book of Kells is possibly the most colorful and well-done illuminated manuscript in all of christendom.) But that is, again, a personal observation.

In the end, I am excited about this artisan getting more recognition. This is a company I can see filling my den, and I'm really looking forward to making that a reality!

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I ordered a tub of the Ouroboros yesterday, looking forward to trying it!

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I have a tub of the Cat Sidhe as well as a couple of samples. I’m really enjoying the performance.... dense, slick lather and great post shave.

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I'm a huge fan of Murphy and McNeil, the performance and value are unmatched IMO. [Image: 6bd0ae6b90b969f603d8ca50dab75804.jpg]

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Hey GnosticShaver, did you get your 20% discount secured?
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Just went to their site and Naid doesn’t have duck fat listed. Has it been reformulated? Or just a typo?
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(02-25-2019, 02:06 AM)Marcos Wrote: Just went to their site and Naid doesn’t have duck fat listed. Has it been reformulated? Or just a typo?
Only the soaps with the addition "Eisteacht" and LE "Athchoiritheoir" contain duck fat.
There were 2 versions of the Naid: "Eisteacht Naid" (with duck fat - sold out) and "Naid" (without duck fat).

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I like big knots 'n I cannot lie!
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Can you tell me how to quote people's previous replies like you did? I know how on TSN but not here.

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