Where did you order this from in Germany?

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I ordered directly from Muhle.
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An absolute beauty
What’s the difference between the R96 and R94? Different blade gap?

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Used to have Rocca R96 v3 .Far too aggressive for the efficiency delivered.
As a razor of the type " Clamp distance > Free-end distance " and with severe cap-baseplate misfitting issues,
it never gave me a single smooth ATG pass .
My skin prefers razors with far superior blade rigidity than the Rocca has to offer .

And while not trying to be a wiseass I have to disagree with the statement
"quality control seems to be extremely well for this product" .
Or to say the least , I've a totally different point of view .

[Image: e1KfikZ.jpg]

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New Zealand
Good photo skills Stephanos1920
I'm sure my old Gillette NEW SC clamps the blade better than that too.

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Hope it shaves as good as it looks.
However I had the Birch a couple years ago and it was the only DE razor I actually feared using. Way too aggressive, and had to wrestle with it to free the blade from those posts... recipe for serious injury.
No blade fitting issues with this one so far.
The overhead of the clamping surface looks ok. Hopefully the sloppy corner on the side profile is not a functional issue. Still surprised the clamp point was not moved further out given past complaints. Sometimes I have a similar thought with the blackbird.
The R94 was loaded with a brand new Polsilver blade and provided and extremely close and smooth shave. Although smooth, I can tell it would like to bite if you are not careful.

I noticed no ill effects from the “issues” pointed out regarding the top cap. I noticed no blade chatter or any other problems.
I did email Muhle and provided them with a better picture of the top cap. I will let you all know what they say when they respond.

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