As mentioned ML and I are moving. This weekend accomplished a lot towards that goal.
We packed half of the garage. Had a yard sale where almost everything we put out was bought. One quick trip to Good Will removed the remainimg items. 
Sunday I weedwhacked the yard for rhe last time.
I was out at 6 AM but there are no close neighbors to bother.
Showered up. Dropped my car off for an inspection
Then pick up a reserved Uhaul.
Carrying a bookcase down the steps.
ML at top. Me below the bookcase and walking backwards. Started to fall over?? Not sure why. My reflexes attempted to stop the fall. I put my right foot back. But the weight of the bookcase pushed me and i missed a step. My toes caught the next step but momentum pushed me down. I hyper extended my calf and tore my Achilles tendon. It hurt. No tears we shed but I do admit to a judicious use of cuss words.

Fortunately ML's reflexes also kicked in. She held the bookcase by herself as she realized I was falling. Had she not held on the bookcase would have knockwd me a** over teakettle and much more dire results. She is my hero. Happy
Went to Urgent Care. And then today toorthopedic guy.
No surgery. Yay. Hard cast for 3 weeks. Then a boot for a month. No driving for at least 3 weeks.
This is getring the cast. A lovely young lady both knowledgable and freindly applied it.
[Image: Ux3hWCV.jpg]

I got to pick any color. I went with Mary Lou Blue Big Grin

This is me already hating my crutches.
[Image: YvliqGy.jpg]

It does put a damper on the moving process.
ML, my daughter Amy and her young man Tyler loaded the Uhaul yesterday and made a quick round trip.

We have movers coming on Wednesday and settle on this house on Friday. Then it will all be complete. Whew.

Des Moines, IA
Yes, sometimes "stuff" happens!

I hope your recovery is swift and complete.  Good health is a wonderful condition.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Mend quickly, Phil.

Philadelphia, PA
sorry to hear, PhilNH5. get well soon!
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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So sorry Phil. Get well soon!
Be Cool, be Kind, and be Well
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The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our razors, but in our technique.

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Ah man! Thankfully you didn't rupture the tendon. Heal quickly my friend. (Cause you can't wear waders with a cast).

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Some guys'll do just about anything to get out of some work! Big Grin

Seriously, that's the pits. Get well quickly!
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Man, that's a bummer.  I hope you heal up quickly and well.  The mechanism that you describe caused the injury is classic.  Ive reached the age where I'm not going to do much physical moving anymore and I'll leave that to younger people or pros.  Notwithstanding that, I know there will still be some stuff that needs to be done and we do it right?  My wife and I went up to Edmonton (Alberta) at the end of April to move our daughter out of her house after she graduated from University.  How much stuff can one young woman have right?  More than you'd think.  And to help make the chore less pleasant, a blizzard blew through town on the day of the move.  A spring blizzard with high winds and wet snow blowing sideways into your ears.  Fun.  Take care of yourself
Get well, soon.
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As much as I love my Polaris Ranger and Sportsman I think I'd be looking for a rascal scooter instead of crutches... deck that sucker out and enjoy front row walmart parking.

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