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Philadelphia, PA
what's your preferred mouthwash?

right now I'm using Tom's of Maine wicked fresh. I like it a lot because it doesn't have the alcohol burn like a lot of mouthwashes. I also like spry mouthwash, but that will give you an alcohol burn after a few seconds.
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San Diego, Cal., USA
Cēpacol has been my mouthwash for more than forty years and I'm not planning on changing anytime soon. Smile

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Wet Shaving Beginner
When I do use mouthwash its usually Listerine. The purple is supposed to be alcohol free, but that stuff still burns like the regular lol. After a minute of swishing, my mouth is totally numb and I resemble an infant drooling over the sink ha-ha. The feeling comes back in a few minutes.

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Listenine brown. Cheap and it works. I don't like minty tastes at all really.

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East of Indiana
My preferred mouth wash is Pepsodent tooth paste.

And I also have some Colgate tooth paste on my bathroom ledge.

Yes, my preferred mouth wash is tooth paste.
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Shaven in the Past
Listerine cool mint twice a day.
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Houston, Texas
Look Ma, I'm wet shaving, I'm wet shaving...

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