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[Image: 46C27965-4B1B-41CF-B3F9-976AF7136432_zpsormdkv2r.jpg]

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Austin, TX
Stellar collection of M&F brushes-thanks for sharing.

Very classy Big Grin
Thanks for the remarks guys!
A very impressive line up
[Image: 1CDF869F-05A9-43F6-ABE1-DF87122EBB35_zpsaalro0xy.jpg]

[Image: B555CA54-FD75-47D7-9B38-A0FACE036B48_zpstc9pbeut.jpg]

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[Image: 0AEADF50-CBE4-4A74-ADBD-D2E3B94EAC99_zps9e8hbu3q.jpg]

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[Image: 977EAA63-2938-433C-B9F4-C950AABEE911_zpsf9g9rjww.jpg]

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
Very cool collection!

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