Some more pics. Last Saturday we woke to crisp temps and a hard frost.
[Image: 5br6icL.jpg]

I like this pic with the flutist coated with frost.
[Image: K4DGgpN.jpg]

Such a beautiful start to the day - Road trip!!
We went back over Evans Notch
[Image: 5ukjqFv.jpg]

And hiked to the "Emerald Pool". The photo does not do it justice but the pool glows like emeralds. The water entering and exiting the pool is clear.
[Image: mZiWGx5.jpg]

Sunday started out over cast. We wanted to drive over Jefferson Notch.
This was on our way. Mt Adams and Mt Jefferson. Not a lot of color but I like it.
[Image: XaXid3r.jpg]

This is the drive up. No scenic visits at all.
[Image: KrOGp1y.jpg]

I like this sign at the top.
[Image: p9KkYJn.jpg]

The road down follows Jefferson Brook. Lots of nice pools and rapids.
[Image: KvQfC5Q.jpg]

This was something neither of us had ever seen - hairy moss hanging off a tree.
[Image: BkRpYhs.jpg]

Jefferson Notch road dumps out on the Cog Railway road. ML got this pic of the cog train heading up.
[Image: KYMAmJQ.jpg]

A defunct bridge over the Ammonoosuc river at the entrance to the cog railroad street.
[Image: 8LDGe7R.jpg]

Lastly 2 more pics from home. This is me going for the country squire look on our street.
[Image: Ed393Pz.jpg]

And our glider chair facing Mt Waumbek - a delightful place to sit and sup tea.
[Image: 52izApy.jpg]

As usual, all of the pictures were taken by ML. Some with her phone but most with her DSLR camera.

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