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MONSTROSO: A Whole New Take on Vetiver! First 50 Bundles Include Collectible Limited Edition Holographic Label! Oh and yes, Monstroso Glows Too! (shave soap)

Scent Profile: Moro Blood Orange, Autumn Glo Apricot, Haitian Vetiver

This my friends is probably one of the most unique vetiver forward scents currently out there. A uninhibited blend of dirty vetiver and sweet, but not too sweet, organic fruitiness, almost floral and VERY surreal. So very familiar while at the same time, SOOOOO VERY strange! Truly a very magical concoction and monstrous scent!

[Image: 79E9Ekj.jpg]

The Root(s) of All Evil. (kinda, not really)

Each bottle of Monstroso Aftershave/Cologne contains real root clippings of the Haitian Vetiver Plant, that not only add a thematic, paranormal  element, but also in time, a depth to the aftershave through a slow tincturing process, set at a steady rate by the addition of the Vetiver Hydrosol.

The root is first soaked in the hydrosol to swell up and reconstitute (or re-animate?) the root so that when added to the alcohol it may better penetrate into the cellular tissue and absorb more of the aroma.

...and again, it looks super cool!

The Scent Profile Dissected

This rather odd combination of festive scents are some of my most favorite to work with. So much so, you may recognize some of the names...but never have I used them with such reckless abandonment!

Autumn Glo Apricot: fuzzy/pungent soft fruity note, close to peach but less bright. The pits also contributes a light, bitter, almost almond scent reminiscent of Amaretto liqueur.

Moro Blood Orange: The 'Moro' is the most colorful of the blood oranges, with a deep red flesh and a rind with a bright red blush. It is from this rind that the hydrosol used in our splash is derived. The aroma is much more intense and present than a standard or bitter orange hydrosol. Very distinct with almost berry type notes.

Haitian Vetiver: Deep, dirty, slightly sweet and resinous, with pronounced earth and root notes with light smoky undertones.

Festive Skin Food

Aside from our usual cast of face saving ingredients, we also thought we'd include Pumpkin Seed Oil once again! It's true, and though it seems fitting, we were also encouraged by customer requests too! Many folks noticed the most excellent post shave feel it lended to Blue Samhain and begged we use it more often...You're Welcome!

Folks you are in for a real SPOOKY, Special scent that possesses a real Spark!


Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving

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