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I just pulled the trigger on the SS Mongoose after acquiring the Aluminum Mongoose via trade a few weeks back. How do these two compare? What can I expect with the SS as compared to the Alumigoose?

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Personally, I didn't find much of a difference with the shaves except for the weight.
Of course, YMMV.
Good luck and have fun. Shy

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If you acquired an AlumiGoose a few weeks ago via a trade, it must be the first-generation AlumiGoose (the one with the shiny black finish and 'standard' sized head). I own one of those as well as a SS Mongoose and the brand new AlumiGoose with the smaller head and hex handle (mat black finish on mine, but also comes in gray).

At any rate, I found the first-gen AlumiGoose to be a very aggressive razor as compared directly to my SS Mongoose (batch 3 version). The latest generation AlumiGoose, on the other hand, shaves very similarly to my SS Mongoose, but I do enjoy the lightness and smaller head design.

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I too found the first generation of the AlumiGoose to be more aggressive than my Batch 2 SS Mongoose.
Thanks, I like the aggressiveness of the alumnigoose I own so it'll be interesting to see how the SS version shaves.
I agree with everything above. I can't comment on batch 2 of the Alumigoose though.. The hunt begins...

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