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I bought his new in December but after about a dozen shaves, it's just not for me.  I had 60 blades less the 3 I used. I changed the blade after the first 5 shaves hoping that a new blade would give me better results.  This thing was great on my face, no nicks or cuts, but gave me razor burn on my lower neck.  I really wanted to love this thing and for the last couple of shaves with blade number 3 I tried using the Goose on my face, jawline and upper neck and then using a DE from the adam's apple down, but that was way too cumbersome and I only did that twice and gave up on this.

FYI - I have the original box and paperwork in case that matters to you.

 Razor and 57 Feather Pro blades $190 + $10 (USD) shipping US or Canada. That's $150 for the Goose and $40 for the blades and $10 for shipping.

[Image: 2kSyqcm.jpg]

[Image: XWAt4WN.jpg]
Price Drop.
Final Price Drop.
I'm surprised that there isn't any interest considering they are out of stock at the moment.
I'll sell the goose separate if you don't want the blades.

The invoice listed this as an M-1, it is mirror finished.

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