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We are celebrating my wife's birthday today. Celebrating on a weekend gives me time to shop, prep and cook a good meal.

We started with a brunch of mimosas and an egg potato pie with bacon, onions and cheese.
[Image: WDwZeT6.jpg]

We gave ML a Tree Ring fountain pen. ( their website )

It came in a nice wood presentation box.
[Image: bdkcpfz.jpg]

The pen is wood with black titanium parts.
[Image: fmBMB8Q.jpg]

The pen is made from stock cut across the grain so it shows all of the tree rings.
The years the tree started and was harvested are marked on the pen. At the appropriate rings I had them mark ML's birthyear, our marriage and our daughter's birth year.
[Image: SUF0bTg.jpg]

The pen is very sharp looking. It has a German stainless steel medium nib.
[Image: kSyAxQZ.jpg]

This is a sample of all of us testing it. It writes very smooth even on cheap paper. It is a hefty pen and top heavy when posted. While this is noticable it is not cumbersome. We all liked how it wrote and handled.
[Image: pv4mEBf.jpg]

ML loves the pen and the significant dates.


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Phil, that is truly a beautiful pen. Mary Lou will enjoy this for many years, I'm sure. Happy2

It's a great gift.

I also like and use a fountain pen.
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Classy! I like it! Happy Birthday to your wife.

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Wonderful and thoughtful gift Phil!

Southern Ohio
Very nice pen and a great keepsake.

Thanks for the replies and Birthday wishes.

ML received another fountain pen related gift. A sample of 8 of the Diamine Shimmer inks and a voucher for 2 bottles once she chooses.

I gave her the Blue Lightning for Christmas and she loves it.

This is a writing sample of the 8 samples done with a glass dip pen.
[Image: jA1KumB.jpg]

These inks are fantastic. They look much better in real life and even in the attached picture than on the Goulet Pens site. I would recommend giving them a try.


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I have a bottle of the Brandy Dazzle but haven't given it a go yet.

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What a thoughtful gift.


P.S. I have always used a fountain pen for my work and pleasure. Old Parker Vacumatic.

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